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October 22-28, 2018


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Are you a runner/athlete looking to gain that extra edge?

Are you confused about all the sports nutrition products?

Do you want to eat real food but just need some guidance and motivation?

Join me for 7 days of eating wholesome and nutritious meals, stress reduction, mind & body healing, and developing an action plan to continue for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!


A detox/cleanse (besides sounding scary and intimidation) can involve fasting, juicing, eating just one type of food and can last a few days or even weeks. I focus on a gentle approach that involves eating REAL, WHOLE food and complete nourishment (mind, body, spirit)!

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You will not starve, fast, or fail.



*Give your digestive system a little break (reduce bloating/indigestion, actually feel good after eating)
*Slow down
*Try new foods and news ways of eating
*Learn how different affect you and your running
*Discover some "A-HA" moments
*Break free from cravings (just in time before the Holiday Season)
*Release emotions
*Feel clear & energetic
*Improve your immune system
*Maybe lose some weight
*Reduce inflammation (very important for athletes!)


I teach you lifelong (this is not a quick fix) ways to improve your health and performance.


I provide you with:

*A detailed program.
*Recipes (with ingredients especially for athletes) and shopping list.
*A private Facebook Group to connect with me & the other participants.
*A Health Coach (that's me!) for an entire week: SUPPORT, GUIDANCE, and MOTIVATION!

The Reset begins on Monday, October 22, 2018 and ends on Sunday, October 28, 2018.


It takes place online, in the privacy of your own home, without buying strange supplements or weird foods. You will receive all the info via email and receive daily messages from me.

This is safe and appropriate for just about EVERYONE (not just runners/athletes)!


Let's do this!!!!


ONLY $35! (registration closes October 20th)




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