What do my clients say about me?


"Carrie is amazing!  I initially reached out to her for two reasons: 1) I wanted to lose the last of my baby weight and 2) I wanted to adopt a healthier diet.  The healthier diet was so that I could learn how to fuel my longer runs, as I was training for my second marathon.
Our first focus was getting my daily diet on the right track.  I admit; I was scared of many fruits and veggies.  She patiently walked me through several phases in this process.  We looked through my pantry; we shopped together; shared recipes.  She has a wealth of knowledge and she understands that making these long-term lifestyle changes is a process.
In addition to being an amazing health coach she an incredible athlete who I respect tremendously.  I was eager to tap into her knowledge of fueling for longer runs.  We met several times and tried different fueling options until we actually nailed it.  I was amazed that I went the entire marathon season using only healthy fuels and I felt great.
Working with Carrie has changed my life.  I feel better than ever.  I am down to my goal weight and finally able to sleep more consistently, something I have battled with for most of my adult life.  Even my family has befitted from all the changes.
If you are considering making lifestyle changes, I encourage you to contact Carrie.  She will guide you on a path to good health and athletic success."

~Anne D. aka Marathon Mom (Phoenix, AZ)


"I first approached Carrie Weldy of Nourished Body and Soul because I wanted to feel better and I knew in order to do that I needed to eat better.  I participated in several of the Cleanse programs Carrie offers and then transitioned into a monthly client. Carrie supported me by sending delicious new recipes each month but more important was the personal support I received from her. Carrie would call each week and we would discuss any challenges I was having with meal planning and she would offer suggestions or send me recipes. In working with Carrie I realized that it is not just about eating, I learned more about myself and my connection to what I was eating. Carrie would even come to my home once a month and we would cook together. When she would leave I would have a fridge full of delicious, nutritious meals and I would always pick up a new cooking tip or two. Carrie taught me that a recipe is just a guideline and if you don't have one of the ingredients just substitute for something else!

I would recommend Carrie to anyone who is looking to improve their eating habits or to just expand their food knowledge. Carrie is an honest, caring, knowledgeable Health Coach who I am grateful to call my friend."

 ~Bev Bakosh (Phoenix, AZ)


"I would like to recommend Carrie Weldy with Nourished Body and Soul for any and all of your health/nutrition needs. I worked with Carrie for 6 months on my personal nutrition and I can say her efforts have truly changed the way I eat. I am a healthier person for learning and implementing Carrie’s ideas and suggestions. The difference in working with Carrie as opposed to other options is that she takes a real interest in your success. Not only is Carrie extremely knowledgeable, she truly cares on a personal level. There's really no other way to put it except to say that Carrie is the best person anyone could work with if they want to become a healthier person."



"I would highly recommend Carrie for your Nutrition Coach. The best!"


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